How to save 200 pesos a day in small acts

If you are one of those who always says that you do not have a mattress because it does not reach you, here we tell you how to save 200 pesos a day in small acts.

Every day we make some expenses that seem harmless

Every day we make some expenses that seem harmless

Which small should not be out of our budget. However, that is where we should be more careful. As the saying goes: the piglet is filled little by little.

It happens that these small expenses could bring down the myth or justification that it is not enough for us to save because we do not earn enough. According to specialists, the habit of saving has to do more in how you manage your money and less in what is your level of income.

Practical tips to know how to save 200 pesos a day


  • Let’s start with the habit of the cigar. One of the testimonies that have impacted us most comes from a person who set the goal of quitting tuxedo. So all the money that was spent on cigarette packs was deposited in a piggy bank, after a year a 48-inch flat screen could be purchased with which it managed to save.

Suppose a pack of cigarettes costs 45 pesos, there you have your first savings. In addition to the expenses you will avoid in the long term with possible diseases.

  • You are one of those who go out to eat every day at the pool that is close to your work, you suppose it is not expensive but you spend 50 or 60 pesos a day. This is also an ant expense that you could eliminate.

Prepare your food. Many people cook Saturdays or Sundays for the whole week, it also makes things easier, and also helps them save. Those 60 pesos a day can lead you to conquer your savings goal.

  • Coffee becomes the best ally to start the day. But it does not need to be from the most expensive coffee shop in the country, where more than anything they charge you for the brand, you can also take a thermos and prepare it yourself.


How much do you spend on a coffee?

How much do you spend on a coffee?

If you always buy it in that expensive cafeteria it will cost you at least 50 pesos. Today’s society has taught us that we are worth for what we wear and what we bring, but the reality is that we are worth for the people we are and for how we act. Considering preparing your own coffee, so you will save considerable amounts.

  • Delays cost expensive. Avoid taking taxis to recover lost time. If you are unpunctual by nature, get the idea of ​​leaving half an hour earlier than usual, this will be the best way to save the cost of a taxi service that you could have avoided.

Follow these tips. You will realize that you can save: 45 pesos of cigarettes, 60 pesos of food, 50 pesos of coffee and finally another 50 pesos of taxi, give us the wonderful amount of 205 pesos. What goal will you use them for?